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    Dwayne Cooper Joins Hellier

    Wed December 31st

    Houston, TX - December 2014 - HELLIER is pleased to announce Dwayne Cooper has joined us as an Associate Instructor.

    In the beginning of his career, Mr. Cooper received his training as a Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) specialist with the United States Air Force in 1988. His first duty assignment was a 2-year stay at Bitburg Air Base in Bitburg Germany where he honed his skills in each major NDI method on the F-15 fighter jet. He became proficient in Radiography Testing (RT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Eddy Current Testing (ET), Visual Testing (VT), Bond Testing, and Oil Analysis. As just an Airman First Class, Mr. Cooper earned a Commendation Medal for the leadership abilities he showed beyond his grade, managing the NDI lab while on a temporary duty assignment at Decimomannu Air Base in Decimomannu, Italy. Mr. Cooper finished his Air Force career as a Senior Airman with a 5-level in NDI (comparable to a NDT Level 2).

    Re-entering the civilian workforce, Mr. Cooper continued his NDT career while working for different inspection companies. He quickly proved his abilities and was given managing responsibilities leading inspection crews as large as 25 inspectors on jobsites. As a NDT Level 2, Mr. Cooper worked with RT, MT, PT, UT, and VT, and PMI in many oil refineries, pipelines, power plants, paper mills, steel mills, and various different projects. He then transitioned into the Fire Equipment Service for Underwriting Laboratories (UL), utilizing his NDT skills inspecting fire apparatus for fire departments worldwide. With UL, Mr. Cooper pursued and gained his American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level 3 certification in MT, UT, and PT. With this certification, Mr. Cooper continued his training of personnel in NDT, but also took on responsibilities such as auditing and procedure development.

    A major transition of Mr. Cooper’s career occurred when he accepted the NDT Responsible Level 3 position with RTI International Metals, one of the leading manufacturers of Titanium for aerospace applications. With RTI, Mr. Cooper tremendously improved their Ultrasonic Department, leading the charge for many capital improvements as well as procedural revisions and improvements in their NDT training. As the Responsible Level 3 for the Niles facility in Ohio as well as the Tradco facility in Washington, Missouri, Mr. Cooper earned consecutive supplier merits from the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap). As a member of the Nadcap NDT task group, Mr. Cooper has made several contributions for maintaining the Nadcap checklists and contributing to the Nadcap mission including presenting a NDT techniques development presentation at the 2012 Nadcap conference in Berlin, Germany. As a member of the AMS Committee K, Mr. Cooper sponsored the latest revision of the widely used AMS-STD-2154 for Ultrasonic Testing of Wrought Products. He also was a leading contributor for the revisions of AMS 2631 and AMS 2628 for Ultrasonic Inspection of Titanium Products. As a supplier representative for the Titanium Consortium, Mr. Cooper assisted in the development of Ultrasonic Testing Phased Array practices for the inspection of Titanium Billet.

    Mr. Cooper then transitioned from the raw material side of the suppliers, to the forging side when he took a position as the Responsible Level 3 for Wyman Gordon Forgings in Houston, Texas. Wyman Gordon is a PCC company, one of the largest suppliers for the aerospace industry. With Wyman Gordon, Mr. Cooper continued his strive for quality as he improved their ultrasonic testing process and put focus on their strive for consistency. While in the Houston area where the Oil and Gas industry is thriving, Mr. Cooper began assisting Turnkey Technical Solutions in their mission to provide top-tier NDT service including Positive Material Identification (PMI) training and certification. He secured their recognition with the American Petroleum Institute (API) as an API-U provider for PMI certification, API-578 certification and for Alloy and Metallurgy training. As an independent contractor, doing business as Cooper NDT, Mr. Cooper has begun the initial stages as a Performance Review Institute (PRI) Auditor for Nadcap accreditations, as well as a consultant for Hellier NDT in an effort to continue to solidify his contributions to the aerospace industry. His continued work with Turnkey Technical Solutions and their goal to provide superior service to the Oil and Gas as well as the Materials industries will also build his standing in the NDT community and beyond.

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