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    Wesley Soape Joins Hellier

    Thu January 1st

    Houston, TX - Jan 2015 - HELLIER is pleased to announce Wesley Soape has joined us as an Instructor.

    Wesley started his career at a high production shop where he gained experience in RT, MT, and PT on a combination of many different metals. In the new fabrication end, he got experience with metals processing in some of the biggest shops around the Houston and central Texas areas. Working with many exotic metals in a range of different processes, that job set the tone for his career in the new fabrication end of inspection.

    Wesley moved on to a few other companies and spent many years in the subsea and new construction field. There, he observed metals processing in extrusion, rolling, stamping, and forging and learned the art of radiography on castings and machined material of complex geometry.  He was exposed to the engineering end of subsea equipment and ran several job sites under many different quality programs including EN and ISO standards. He gained experience with computed (CR) and direct (DR) radiography with isotopes and x-ray equipment and applied both in the subsea fabrication industry on complicated equipment before moving on to traditional construction applications.

    Changing careers, he moved on to auditing with Acuren where he achieved his NDT Level III certification in radiography. As a subject matter expert in digital radiography at Acuren, he spent a lot of time remotely supporting technicians in the field in addition to his job duties. He transferred to the Houston Acuren office where he supervised the shop, performed as a field technician, and managed the health of the CR/DR program locally before assuming the role of responsible Level III and Quality Manager.

    Wesley’s newest role will be a dedicated RT Level III instructor at the Hellier Houston Texas location.


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