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Our name has been respected in nondestructive testing for more than forty years and is a leading provider of NDT training and certification services. All NDT courses can be presented in English and Spanish. Any course can be offered at any Hellier office or on site at the customer’s location.

Click here to review our Transfer Policy. A 10% discount is available when 3 or more registrations are processed at the same time, please contact your local Hellier office first before registering.

2022 Course Schedule

Course Price Info / Register
Auditing NDT Systems $1,779
Basic Level III Refresher $1,887
Eddy Current Testing Level I $1,564
Eddy Current Testing Level II $1,564
Eddy Current Testing Level II (Aero) $1,564
Eddy Current Testing Level III Refresher $1,887
Introduction to NDT $1,779
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I/II $1,123
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level I/II per NAS 410 $1,446
Liquid Penetrant Testing Level III Refresher $1,338
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I/II $1,231
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I/II per NAS 410 $1,446
Magnetic Particle Testing Level III Refresher $1,338
NDT Instructor Qualification & Development $1,779
Radiation Health and Safety (Texas) $700
Radiation Health and Safety (California) $900
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) $1,123
Radiographic Testing Level I $1,564
Radiographic Testing Level II $1,564
Radiographic Testing Level III Refresher $1,887
Radiography Film Interpretation $1,779
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) $1,768
Ultrasonic Phased Array I $1,887
Ultrasonic Phased Array II $1,887
Ultrasonic Testing Level I $1,564
Ultrasonic Testing Level II $1,564
Ultrasonic Testing Level III Refresher $1,887
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing $1,231
Ultrasonic Weld Inspection / Shear Wave Flaw Sizing $1,564
Visual Testing Level I/II $1,231
Visual Testing Level III Refresher $1,564

  • US and Canada Vets get priority service and a 10% discount on any course, please contact a Hellier office before registering.

Transfer Policy: If a student is unable to attend a course, they may request to transfer to another date and/or location. Once a student elects to transfer, they are no longer eligible for a refund and must apply their tuition to a course that falls within one year of the original course date. Written notice is required and a $50 administration fee will apply per transfer. In order to transfer to another class, Hellier must be given at least 10 business days notice of the transfer. Notifications of less than 10 business days will be subjected to Hellier’s cancellation policy in addition to the $50 administrative fee.