BP Qualification Exams

Hellier NDT is an authorized testing center for BP qualification exams. The exam is 7 hours performance demonstration exam and the examinee must bring all necessary equipment as would be done on the job site and be prepared to perform manual and semi-automated Phased Array on plate and pipe samples.

Exam Information:

Hellier South-Central

10845 Strang Rd
La Porte, TX 77571
Fax: (281) 873-0981 AdminHouston@hellierndt.com
Scheduling Coordinator
Cost: $1000

Additional Information:

  • The exam is 7 hours long with a break for lunch.
  • A typical exam will include (but not limited to) inspection of 4 samples and at least one pipe must be done semi-automated. Proctors will provide specific direction before the test begins.
  • Examinees must provide a copy of their Phased Array procedure for documentation of the calibration and inspection process in addition to UT and UTPA training and certification documentation.

Preparation Info for the Exam:

  • No cells phones during test.
  • Acceptance criteria revision;┬áthis supersedes the Hellier procedure 0309 revision 4 for this exam. All linear indication greater than .250 inches in length are reject-able and should be documented.
  • Arrive to the exam just as you would to the job site. Remember to bring couplant and anything you need for your automated systems. Water will be available at the test site.
  • A IIW block and ASME V, Article 4 plate and pipe calibration blocks will be provided at test site. Additional calibration blocks such as NAVSHIP must be provided by the examinee for setup and calibration.
  • The qualification samples will be pipe and or plate with a thickness range of .337 to 1 inch. One scan will be manual and another scan automated or semi-automated.
  • Calibration and scanning data are not allowed to leave the testing site. The PAUT unite data card will be erased before you leave the test center.
  • Key safety concerns include:
    • ┬áHeavy Lifting – help is needed to move specimens.
    • Foot protection – wear your work boots/ shoes
    • Tripping Hazard – power cords
    • Safe use of UT equipment and couplant