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AIOA Level III Services

Authorized Independent Outside Agency

Our elite team of consultants can aid you with a wide variety of specialist services. For example, we can augment your technical capabilities for special projects, design cost-effective and reliable procedures, or supply expert manpower to help you through particularly heavy workload periods. We can also assist you as arbitrators in examination disputes.

We offer an Authorized Independent Outside Agency (AIOA) Level III Services Program, which can provide on-going monitoring of a client’s NDT Program.

Benefits of the program

LEVEL III Technical Support

Hellier technical personnel are well-known in the NDT field and carry multiple Level lll certifications. They are proven instructors and specialists with many years of experience, and have broad experience encompassing many industries and product types. They are available to assist when there are critical problems to solve or when project needs demand additional expertise.

Written Practice

The NDT Written Practice provides the overall foundation for personnel qualification. lt is a critical component to an effective NDT program. As part of the AIOA program, a Hellier Level lll will review a company’s Written Practice to assure it is up to date and complies with the applicable requirements. Hellier can also prepare a customized Written Practice if needed, and will assist in defining the training, experience and examination requirements for each NDT qualification level and method.

Certification Examinations

HELLIER Level lll personnel are available to develop and administer NDT examinations to meet the requirements of the Written Practice and customer specifications. These examinations include General, Specific, and Practical for Level I and Level ll candidates, and Basic, Method/General, Specific and Practical for Level lll personnel. The results of these examinations are reported to the employer along with recommendations for certification if satisfactory.

Audit Services

HELLIER personnel are available to perform audits to confirm that company Quality Assurance requirements are being met. Audits can also be performed at subcontractor locations.

NDT Procedures

NDT procedures are the company’s “handbook” for consistently performing Nondestructive Tests. HELLIER can prepare NDT procedures and ensure that they effectively describe the scope, equipment, inspection process and report formats required. HELLIER’s experience in a broad range of industries brings “best practices” to the initial development or revision of NDT procedures, specialized techniques for unique applications, and recommendations for the most appropriate equipment/accessories.

We also offers our Level III Outside Agency Clients a discount on published fees for training both on-site or at one of our regional facilities.

For cost and additional information about this program, you may email us at infohouston@hellierndt.com or call us toll free – 1.888.282.3887.

To view our AIOA pamphlet – click here

Hellier AIOA Services – New Proactive Direction

With SNT-TC-1A / NAS 410 Level III support from key Hellier instructors.

The initial AIOA fee includes a complete review of your company Written Practice  Additional AIOA support services will be invoiced at the standard Hellier NDT Level III Rate.

AIOA requirements

  • The annual fee includes an initial review of the Written Practice.
  • An onsite visit by a Hellier AIOA representative to review your requirements and to provide an assessment of your NDT operations, facilities, personnel and client requirements.

Optional services available for a Quality Proactive Professional NDT Program

  • Annual independent audit
  • Procedure review for products or services offered
  • Refresher training to prepare personnel for certification and/or re-certification
  • Annual updates on new technology and applications for your industry
  • Quarterly communication to evaluate any changes in your operations / processes
  • Pre-audits in advance of scheduled audits by agencies, primes or clients.  (Advanced scheduling is required)