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FAQ – NDT Training

How can I register for a program?

Registration can be processed directly on this website. All individual course details pages include dates, locations and “Register Now” buttons, as do the course schedule pages.

If you prefer, you can download an enrollment form, complete it and send it via fax to a Hellier location of your choice

What is Hellier’s reschedule / cancellation / transfer policy?

Cancellation policy can be viewed on our Fees & Cancellation webpage.

Will I be certified if I pass the course I’m attending?

HELLIER DOES NOT CERTIFY. Taking Hellier courses only meet classroom training requirement that apply towards certification.

For more information about certification, visit our NDT Certification webpage.

Where can I find the most current training schedule?

Visit our Course Registration page.

Do you have hotel information and a list of hotels with special Hellier rates?

Yes. Contact our local offices or our toll free number 1.888.282.3887 to have this information sent to you.

Why do some Level I/II programs have different training hours?

Training hours are stipulated in the applicable certification/qualification program. For a given subject and/or level, the hours may vary. In some cases, Hellier has added hours where they feel the stipulated hours are not adequate to properly cover the subject matter.

Why are some programs offered in one location and not others?

Some programs are offered at one or more Hellier training center due to demand and local industries. For example, aerospace specific subjects are offered at the Hellier Anaheim location due to local interest in that area, whereas petrochemical related programs are offered more frequently at the Hellier Houston location.

Can I transfer my registration from one Hellier location to another?

We prefer that students attend programs at the location they are registered. However they are times when we will cancel a program because of circumstances beyond our control, in which case students are offered the option to transfer to another location.

Can my company receive a discount if we send multiple people to a program?

We offer a 10% discount for three or more individuals from the same company, for the same course and time. If you wish to take advantage of discounted rates, please contact us.

Do I have to bring my own calculator to class?

It is best for students to bring their own calculators to class since they will usually be more familiar with them.

How will I be notified that my registration has been accepted and processed?

The system will send a confirmation directly to your email upon completion of your registration. Another email will be sent confirming or canceling the class 10 business days before the date fo the class.

If I have to leave the course early, will I receive a refund?

No refund is issued to students that have not completed the program hours. We offer the option to come back the next time the program is scheduled to complete the program hours free of charge.

How do I find the Hellier training centers?

The addresses and phone numbers of our locations can be found on our Contact page.

Who should I contact in case of an emergency prior to coming to a program?

It is preferred that a student immediately email his or her specific training center in case of an emergency that prevents attendance at a scheduled program. In the case of no access to email, please call and leave a message. Please see the Contact page of this website for email addresses and phone numbers.